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Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver

BLUband provides traditional RF/house arrest monitoring and does not require a programming bracelet to intiate its operations. The device is paired with BLUhome, our home-based receiver. When the enrollee enters the RF signal range of BLUhome, it receives the encrypted RF signal emitted by BLUband. BLUhome records and transmits the date and time when the enrollee enters and leaves his/her house to VeriTracks using either landline phone service in the enrollee’s home or nationwide cellular phone service.

BLUband records if the enrollee tampers with the device outside of BLUhome’s RF signal range. When the enrollee enters the range, BLUband transmits the tamper event to BLUhome, which transmits the data to VeriTracks, including the date and time of the event.

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Weight Approximately 2 ounces
Case Material Hypoallergenic, industrial-grade plastic
Waterproof 50 Feet
Strap Material Hypoallergenic, industrial-grade Flexible Plastic Lined with Fiber Optic Cable
Battery Life 24 + Months
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In short, I would like to recommend the Securus organization and their employees for any facility that is in need of a hard working, dedicated, and professional team with a great product.

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