Blu+The replacement for traditional RF devices.

  • Can lower supervising agents’ workload
  • More effective supervision
  • Pricing comparable to traditional cellular RF

Traditional RF, or house arrest, technology confirms the date and time enrollees enter and leave their home. While this is good information to know, it’s the only information available with this technology. 

Supervising agencies now have a better alternative to traditional RF technology with BLU+. This device provides traditional RF community supervision functionality with specific types of GPS functionality.

BLU+ provides the combination of traditional RF community supervision AND specific GPS functionality at a price comparable to cellular RF monitoring.

  • Confirms the date and time enrollees enter and leave home.
  • Determine the location of an enrollee 24 hours/365 days per year.
  • Create three date/time sensitive Check-Ns enrollees must enter.

BLU+ eliminates the need for:

  • Installation of a receiver in the enrollee’s home by the supervising agent.
  • Visual contact by the supervising agent to confirm an enrollee’s location outside of the house. 
  • Traditional landline phone service in the home.

BLU+’s GPS functionality includes:

  • Location Requests

Supervising agents initiate Location Requests any time of the day or night to learn the immediate location of an enrollee through VeriTracks, our secure, cloud-based application.


Create date/time sensitive GPS Check-N™ locations, which are pre-approved specific locations outside of the enrollee’s home. Check-Ns are date and time sensitive to accommodate individual requirements for every enrollee.

Examples of Check-Ns include:

  • Place of employment
  • Pre-approved appointments (medical, counseling, etc.)
  • Special events (graduation, wedding, family gatherings, etc.)

Enter a Check-N late and BLU+ immediately generates a violation notification and reports it to VeriTracks, which then sends it to the assigned supervising agent.

Test BLU+ today

We invite you to test BLU+ for two weeks at no cost or obligation. Find out how BLU+ is an effective replacement for your existing/traditional RF program. You’ll also get a taste of how our company operates during the no-cost or obligation trial. If you want to talk with some of our customers, we’re happy to put you in touch with them.

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