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Securus recognizes that the inmate population is aging, and the cost of care is increasing. Next to salaries, inmate health care costs represent the second largest component of prison and jail budgets. We believe that through technology, facilities can be more efficient, more cost effective, and ultimately provide better and faster health care for the inmates.

Securus Medical Solutions consists of the following two products:


BLUtag, launched in 2005, is the original one-piece GPS monitoring device. Now in its fifth generation, no other one-piece GPS monitoring has been in use as long as BLUtag. The lightweight and inconspicuous device attaches around an enrollee’s ankle and remains there until the supervising agent removes it.

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BLU+, a one-piece dual RF/GPS device, provides the combination of traditional RF community supervision and specific GPS functionality to monitor enrollees using RF technology as a replacement for traditional house arrest; works in combination with BLUbox, a home-based receiver easily installed in an electrical outlet.

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BLUband provides traditional RF/house arrest monitoring and does not require a programming bracelet to initiate its operations. The device is paired with BLUhome, a home-based receiver. When the enrollee enters the RF signal range of BLUhome, it receives the encrypted RF signal emitted by BLUband. BLUhome records and transmits the date and time when the enrollee enters and leaves his/her house.

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STOP SoberTrack

SoberTrack™ is a hand-held breath alcohol testing device that can test enrollees at any time and in any location. Testing can be done a scheduled, random or on-demand basis. SoberTrack receives GPS location points before the date and time of a test, even if the enrollee misses a test.

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Over time our needs have changed and Securus has always remained a committed partner to the city.

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