Fuel Your Investigation and Identify FOCUSED LEADS NATIONWIDE!

Securus has partnered with top experts in investigative analysis and law enforcement to bring you the very best in data analytics. THREADS provides investigators with actionable intelligence and focused leads using data collected from a nationwide community! Securus' Secure Call Platform (SCP), combined with THREADS, is unequivocally the largest centralized data repository and most powerful analysis software on the market for both corrections and law enforcement.

Traditionally, communications data available for analysis by corrections and law enforcement has been limited to a specific facility or single investigator. This data typically resided on someone's computer or in software that only a few agents could use. This limitation caused delays or even hindered an investigation.

Now, nationwide, more than 400 law enforcement officers are using THREADS investigative software to uncover focused leads based on their targets/suspects. The THREADS database includes the following and continues to grow every day:

  • More than 600,000 people with billing name and address (not incarcerated)
  • More than 950,000 inmates
  • More than 1,900 correctional facilities
  • More than 100,000,000 call records between inmates and called parties


Bridging the gap between Corrections and Law Enforcement

The THREADS platform brings to market a nationwide, investigative community that bridges the gap between law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. THREADS allows investigators to reach from coast to coast to uncover focused leads in a matter of seconds. The data available for analysis includes that of any corrections facility enrolled in our nationwide community and residing on SCP.


THREADS also provides investigators with the capability to import external investigative data such as the following:

  • Cell forensics information from confiscated cell phones (text messages, emails, call records, contacts, pictures, etc.)
  • Subpoenaed public phone records
  • Cell tower dumps, which includes information an hour before and an hour after a crime occurred
  • Pictures
  • Mail
  • Criminal events
  • And much more

The THREADS platform takes full advantage of this vast amount of data to provide a centralized, nationwide system producing actionable intelligence and focused leads immediately upon install to investigators from coast to coast.


THREADS provides the following analytics:

  • Calling patterns
  • Linkage analysis
  • Inner circle identification (suspects' inner working group)
  • Bounce list hit notifications (is the inmate calling someone on your staff?)
  • Associations
  • Chain dialing
  • Interactive maps
  • The most likely leader of a criminal organization
  • And much more…

THREADS helps to determine a high probability of an inmate using a cellular telephone, and also allows for the information obtained from the cellular telephone (once confiscated) to be directly imported into THREADS making the data available for analysis along with the information already in THREADS and SCP to build targeted leads for investigators.


THREADS can also be used to help identify the following:

  • Detect patterns of fraternization between inmates and correctional officers, nursing, and/or commissary staff
  • Discover common contacts between inmates and called parties
  • Customize information and reporting to filter out irrelevant calls, such as girlfriends or legal counsel
  • Detect criminal organizations being run from within the facility
  • Find associations between multiple parties
  • Identify inmates who possibly have a cellular telephone based on calling patterns and holes in communications

Join the community and put THREADS to work for you analyzing data nationwide, fill out, sign, and submit the Community Use Agreement to your Securus account representative today!

THREADS Community Use Agreement

Securus' THREADS platform brings to the market a nationwide investigative community, bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities. This allows investigators to reach coast to coast to uncover focused leads across the country in a matter of seconds. The data available for analysis is that of any corrections facility enrolled in the nationwide community and residing on the most powerful communications platform SCP, as well as any information imported into the community by users across the country.

The default version of THREADS will provide you with powerful analytics using only the data related to your corrections facility. However, to join the community and put THREADS to work for you analyzing data nationwide, please download and sign the THREADS Community Use Agreement and return to your Securus Account Executive.

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