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Inmate calls to cellular telephones represent a challenge to a facility's ability to know where inmate calls are going. Cellular telephone numbers can be anonymous and can be located anywhere, including just outside a facility. With the increasing trend across the United States to rely exclusively on cellular telephone service, facilities need to be able to ensure that security is not compromised.

Because of their mobility, cellular telephones are a favorite way for inmates to coordinate criminal activities, escapes, the introduction of contraband, and to conspire to hide evidence.

Securus' Secure Call Platform (SCP) includes support for Location Based Services (LBS), which provides facilities with the control and oversight needed to safeguard against these threats.  LBS provides facilities with the following capabilities:

  • Investigate, in hindsight, the location of inmate calls to cellular telephones
    • Leverage inmate call records to identify locations of investigative interest
    • Discover geographical connections between calls, inmates, and called parties
  • Receive real-time alerts based on where the call is placed
    • Know when inmates are calling cellular telephones within a specific radius of your facility
    • Know when inmates are calling cellular telephones in an area of interest
    • Increase the precision of leads generated from other inmate calling alerts by only triggering when those calls are to cellular telephones in a geographic area of interest
  • Find the location of a cellular telephone even if it is not currently involved with a call to an inmate, with appropriate authorization

How LBS Works:

LBS works by collecting the approximate location of a cellular telephone, through the cellular provider, as soon as the called party accepts the call from the inmate.  The originating location as well as the location of the cellular telephone at the end of the call is recorded and available for research and investigation.

LBS is not dependent on cellular telephone GPS settings, which can be turned off by users seeking to escape tracking.  This is a great advantage, ensuring that your facility knows where your inmates are calling even when the billing name and address of the called party might not be known.

If you would like to learn more about LBS, contact us at Sales@securustechnologies.com.

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Our facility has become one of the FBI Terrorism Task Force regular sources of information. We have monitored and burn thousands of minutes of copies of phone calls of inmates connected to Al-Quida that has resulted in the identification of terrorism cells in the New York area. I just wanted you to know that our entire country has benefited from the inmate phone monitoring service we have. I am glad we made the change and it has enhanced our security at our facility.

Detention Center, Washington