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Supporting investigators who are exceedingly pressed with fewer resources to uncover critical data, Securus provides the most advanced investigative tools in the industry. Securus Technologies Investigation offerings identify, store, analyze and pinpoint important data crucial for investigations. These investigative tools quickly analyze massive amounts of data in order to provide investigators actionable intelligence and focused leads on demand. These products can be used stand-alone or can be combined to deliver the most powerful investigative solution working around the clock to assist investigators in preventing and solving crime.


Investigative software for big data analysis providing actionable intelligence and focused leads using data collected from a nationwide community in order to increase investigator efficiency and effectiveness for preventing and solving crime

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Providing a safeguard against security threats arising from the growing use of mobile devices for communication, Location Based Services provide location information related to cell phones and calls, as well as help investigators identify cell phone calls to or from geographic locations of safety concern

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We exist to serve and connect to make our world safe.

Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus system, not only for the Sheriff's Office, but also for the local law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney Offices as well. They have also been a great asset in jail disciplinary cases.

Detention Center, Texas