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Investigator Pro is a breakthrough solution for investigators that identifies inmates on calls based on the sound of their voice. Using the advanced WhoSpoke™ voice biometrics technology developed for the US Department of Defense, it identifies all inmates speaking on a call. Investigator Pro goes far beyond the limited capabilities of standard biometric verification systems which only identify the caller at the start of or periodically throughout a call, and don’t analyze the information in a structured way or piece relevant information together to make it easier for investigators to uncover criminal patterns and associations for link analysis. Investigator Pro does all of this and more as it biometrically analyzes the entire phone call, detecting suspicious voice prints and automatically presenting findings. It flags potential criminal calling activity and immediately alerts investigators to those calls. By its near-instantaneous collection and analysis of vast amounts of information, Investigator Pro allows you to easily preempt and unravel criminal plans before it’s too late.

High Interest Calls

Automatically identifies and alerts investigators to high interest calls so they can spend less time monitoring and more time investigating. Smart filtering and analysis automatically alerts investigators to highly suspicious 3-way calls in real time. These powerful features allow investigators to prioritize the calls to listen to, saving valuable time.

3-Way Call Detection

The system automatically locates, labels, and jumps to 3-way call events, allowing investigators to play only the relevant portions of the call.

Intelligence Analysis

Pro-actively analyzes criminal calling patterns to intercept illicit activities. The system continuously gathers call data, automatically analyzing each call in seconds. It links events and information, identifying inmate attempts to hide identities, potential accomplices, and other criminal calling patterns.

This relational data provides investigators with invaluable intelligence to “connect the dots” and uncover and intercept crimes.

Inter-Agency Intel Sharing

Gathers more credible intelligence information for you to share with other agencies. The advanced technology provides the corrections community with the means to easily gather and share the most accurate and credible evidence with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Administrative Reports

Optimizes information so you can better manage your priorities. The system’s impressive dashboard automatically collects and analyzes a vast amount of information that would otherwise be prohibitively laborintensive to gather and interpret.

Case Management Tools

Collects and organizes your evidence all in one place with state-of-the-art tools. It brings together evidence collected for a case with the ability to listen to the evidence right from the screen, or burn it to CD or DVD.

The Private Note feature allows for internal affairs and other highly sensitive investigations to be conducted without compromising the evidence. Further, a case tracking feature integrates seamlessly with other case documentation sources for further analysis and presentation.

Time Savings

Because it brings the most suspicious calls to the attention of investigators, the Investigator Pro delivers unparalleled gains in staff productivity. Using this tool, investigators don’t waste time listening to countless phone calls at random - possibly missing valuable evidentiary conversations as a result.

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We feel that Securus Technologies' patented 3-way call detection technology and the anywhere, anytime access to the SCP is unmatched.

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