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Securus Technologies Biometric Analysis offerings provide sophisticated analysis tools that help correctional agencies reduce security risks and gain greater control of their inmate telephone systems by utilizing voice biometric technology to comb inmate communications for suspicious activity and provide critical leads for investigators. From preventing fraudulent calls from occurring to uncovering inmates disguising their identities on calls or conspiring with other inmates to commit crimes, these solutions are the only ones in the industry to identify critical information on every second of every inmate call.


A powerful evidence gathering and investigative analysis tool to identify and verify the voice of inmates on telephone calls and expose those who try to hide their identities and engage in criminal activity

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Using advanced voiceprint and speaker verification technology to match a sample of an inmate’s voice with their assigned personal identification number (PIN), this solution prevents fraudulent calls from ever connecting

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We feel that Securus Technologies' patented 3-way call detection technology and the anywhere, anytime access to the SCP is unmatched.

County Sheriff's Office, Nevada