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Federal, state and county agencies across the nation use enrollee monitoring technology in the form of ankle bracelets as an optimal solution for supervising agents needing to supervise and monitor the locations and movements of enrollees while helping to keep the public safe. Pretrial adult defendants, pre-adjudicated juveniles, sentenced adult probationers, adjudicated juveniles, adult parolees and post-adjudicated juveniles are often placed on monitoring supervision as an alternative to incarceration or as part of their sentence. Government agencies greatly benefit from enrollee monitoring solutions to help relieve overcrowding in correctional facilities while maintaining critical supervision and location and movement tracking of adults and juveniles in the community.

Securus EHR

Securus EHR delivers a web-based, healthcare solution built with the security, and functionality required to support the medical, dental, and behavior health needs of a facility. Offered as a “hosted / cloud” or "on-premise" system, it can be accessed through multiple form factors (PC, tablet, web browser), and allows facilities with ADP ranging from 100 to 3000+, to confidently manage medications and treatments required by adult and juvenile inmates.

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Securus Televisit

Televisit is a lightweight, web-based medical application that makes telemedicine a practical and readily accessible service. It was designed to seamlessly integrate videoconferencing with the benefits of patient management, shared health records, medical device integration and scheduling.

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