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Securus’ sPhone™ is the smallest multi-purpose hardware solution in corrections delivering powerful software with the most flexible installation options. The sPhone can easily replace standard inmate telephones because they can be powered using the existing copper wire already installed, eliminating facility disruptions associated with installing new network or electrical cables.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 10.1” display with one handset
  • Touchscreen Technology: Resistive touchscreen allowing additional ADA compliance and easy navigation
  • Power: No electricians required! The sPhone is fully powered by either power-over-ethernet (PoE) or Securus’ patented 2-wire technology
  • Safety & Security: No external hinges and resistant to liquid
We exist to serve and connect to make our world safe.

I am a firm believer in customer service and Securus seems to pride itself in providing great customer service. In this day and age of ever-changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for inmates, inmates's families, and most of all, Sheriff Department's personnel.

County Sheriff's Office, Illinois