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Introducing the industry's most advanced Inmate Operating System, ConnectUs, which automates critical operations for correctional facilities while delivering unlimited applications to inmates.  While ConnectUs easily integrates with today's leading applications, it has been specifically designed to effortlessly push past today's technological challenges and provides a foundation for future evolution.

ConnectUs changes the way inmates access communications services within a correctional environment.  Built on proprietary technology and the most advanced, easy to use design, ConnectUs brings simple but powerful applications to both corrections administrators and inmates. ConnectUs allows Securus to host phone calls, video visitation sessions, inmate forms, grievances, videos, commissary ordering, 3rd party website access, job applications, education programs and a number of other services. The ConnectUs operating system completely manages an inmate’s experience - what applications are available, when they are available, and to whom they are available. ConnectUs automates traditionally manual operating processes of facilities.  With a customized mix of applications, your facility can deliver an experience that keeps pace with today's technology, while making life better for your inmates and staff.



  • Inmate Telephone Application
  • Video Visitation Application
  • Inmate Request Form Application
  • Grievance Application
  • Commissary Application
  • Inmate Handbook Application
  • Video Education Application
  • Law Library Application
  • Job Search Application

Unlimited possibilities


  • Conflict Resolution
  • "App Store" Environment
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Digital Bulletin Board
  • Multi-tasking
Ensuring secure , simple , and powerful technology solutions that are easy and accessible for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Through their years of service they have shown to be reliable with good service and cutting edge technology.

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