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Answering telephone inquiries from family and friends and inmates can be extremely labor-intensive and a challenge for even the most efficient staff. From inmate commissary balance questions to general questions regarding visitation hours, court dates and charges, the workload for your staff grows exponentially based on the average daily inmate population. Delays in providing information can generate complaints, lower staff morale, and create management issues that may be difficult to overcome. Automated Information Services (AIS) helps to solve these problems! AIS from Securus is the industry's first and only hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that automatically provides inmate-specific and general facility information to detainees and outside callers over the phone. In addition, outside callers can open or fund a telephone account and make a trust deposit without having to step foot in your facility.

Our industry study provided the following facility telephone call statistics:

  • Facility personnel spend an average of four minutes on every outside call from constituents
  • Facilities average .5 outside calls per inmate per day and an additional .5 questions per inmate per day
  • For every four answered calls, one call is dropped because of extended hold times

Family and friends can listen to information such as the following:

  • How to open or fund a prepaid AdvanceConnect™ account or Inmate Debit account
  • Criminal charges
  • Bond amounts and types
  • Court dates, times and locations
  • Projected release date
  • Visitation eligibility
  • General facility information, location and hours


See how much time and money AIS can save your facility.

AIS Value Calculator
Facility Average Daily Population ADP *
Staffing Cost to Answer Constituent Phone Calls (all-in, hourly) $ *
Average Phone Call Duration (minutes) *
Estimated Annual Gross Savings:


Inmates can use a speed dial number on the facility phones and listen to information such as the following:

  • Commissary account balance
  • Criminal charges
  • Court dates and locations
  • Bond amounts and types
  • Projected release date
  • Visitation eligibility

Imagine being able to improve staff efficiencies, increase the satisfaction of inmates, family and friends all without having to install new equipment. Click here to contact Securus today to set up an AIS demo!

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We are very happy to have AIS...can you imagine having to answer all those calls all day long? AIS has absolutely improved job satisfaction and made it so much easier to keep everything straight and more effectively do our jobs.

Customer, North Carolina