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Introducing the Securus Lobby Kiosk, a durable and reliable way to provide facility visitors a convenient method to fund prepaid calling accounts or make a trust account deposit by cash or credit/debit cards. While there are a variety of offsite funding and money transfer options available, some people prefer to fund calling accounts and make trust account deposits at a facility. The Securus Lobby Kiosk accommodates this segment while eliminating the necessity of staffing and operating a traditional cash window.

With a modern touchscreen interface and the ability to accept both credit/debit cards and cash, the Lobby Kiosk makes these transactions easier than ever. The proprietary kiosk application has several layers of integrated security. Securus’ Network Operations Center remotely monitors and controls kiosks as well as electronically transfers critical updates to the software. The kiosk itself is hardened and designed specifically for corrections environments.


  • Accommodates phone and trust account funding eliminating the need to have multiple devices in your lobby
  • Accepts credit cards, debit cards and cash
  • Low to no-cost installation and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring to ensure optimal performance
  • Securus cash pickups by bonded courier handled by Securus
  • Provides printed or emailed receipts
  • Fully automated system with user-friendly touchscreen reduces staff workload
Ensuring secure , simple , and powerful technology solutions that are easy and accessible for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my satisfaction with the inmate phone and monitoring system we obtained from you. It has been a very easy system to operate, especially since it could be configured to work with our current inmate commissary program. Furthermore, the monitoring system has been instrumental in assisting us to solve or otherwise satisfactorily conclude several criminal investigations.

County Sheriff's Office, Washington