Communication between inmates and the outside world has been difficult to manage and is highly restrictive in many facilities. Traditionally, an inmate has only two communication options: scheduled calls and standard mail delivery. This has resulted in overburdened mailrooms, which makes the mailroom a potential entry point for contraband and the distribution of coded messages…until now.  Secure Instant Mail provides family and friends a way to quickly initiate communication with their incarcerated loved one. Similar to email, messages are sent over the Internet and delivered to your facility. Unlike traditional email, Secure Instant Mail automatically reviews and audits every letter and alerts you of any communication that might warrant additional investigator review.

Secure Instant Mail provides the following benefits to your facility:

  • Improves operating efficiencies resulting in happier inmates and more time for staff to focus on other tasks and projects
  • Increases investigative capabilities by automatically scanning for keywords, translating multiple languages to English, and archiving inmate correspondence for easy investigator review
  • Reduces the distribution of contraband by decreasing the amount of physical mail received in your facility
  • Reduces the strain on staff resources by cutting the time needed for the review of physical items
  • Turns your mailroom into a profit center

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Transform your mailroom into a profit center with Secure Instant Mail

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