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Securus Technologies provides the most widely used communications platform in the industry, equipped with the most investigative features available on the market. From traditional telephone service supporting both calls and voice mails, as well as innovative video visitation and electronic mail solutions, Securus is committed to delivering communication solutions that enhance the experience of inmates and their family and friends in addition to providing great benefit to the operations and overall environment of correctional facilities.


The largest centralized calling platform supporting traditional inmate calls, including the most expansive set of investigative features to ensure enhanced calling safety and investigative opportunity, and support from the best customer service in the industry

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Electronic mail service similar to email that provides correctional facilities much greater investigative and storage capabilities than with postal mail, and allows the family and friends to proactively initiate communication with their incarcerated loved one

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Complete with a full-featured administrative interface for maximum facility control, this fully web-based system supports both on-site and remote webcam video visitation sessions between inmates and their family, friends, attorneys and public officials

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A password-protected, two-way communication solution that allows inmates and their loved ones to leave secure voice messages for each other, supporting messages initiated by inmates as well as their family and friends, and the same investigative opportunity of traditional calls

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Ensuring secure , simple , and powerful technology solutions that are easy and accessible for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Securus, was able to meet the aggressive timeline challenge of switching services from the previous provider, and installing telephone service in just 30 days.

County Sheriff's Department, California