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Securus Video Visitation

Imagine no longer having to move inmates, service long lines of visitors, and manually manage visitation schedules. What types of efficiencies could be gained by eliminating these burdensome tasks? Could you increase focus on the safety and security of inmates, your officers, and the public that you serve? With Securus Video Visitation, all of these things are possible.

Securus Video Visitation is a fully web-based visitation system that allows friends, family members, attorneys, and public officials to schedule and participate in video visitation sessions with an inmate – from anywhere with internet access using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Remote video visitation provides family and friends limitless opportunities to connect with an inmate by sharing everyday events like birthdays, reviewing homework, watching cartoons with their kids, attending a concert and opening presents on Christmas. Many studies have shown a link between inmates maintaining relationships with their loved ones while incarcerated reduces recidivism.

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Securus Video Visitation is the most robust scheduling software available to the corrections market. The easy-to-use interface allows friends, family members, attorneys, and other visitors to easily schedule visits from any mobile device or PC connected to the Internet. Before being able to schedule a visit, the user must first electronically submit user information and photo identification. This allows your staff to have full control over who is allowed to schedule a visit – and also gives you the ability to restrict users based on behavioral issues. In addition, the scheduling platform is completely integrated with your Jail Management System ensuring that a visit is only scheduled during available timeslots.

Live Monitoring and Recording

One of the primary advantages of implementing Securus Video Visitation is the ability to live monitor and record visits. This capability will not only create new investigative opportunities, but can also have a real impact on reducing violence within jail walls. It gets better. Through the Securus Video Visitation interface, jail staff can easily flag visits for later investigative review and lock down recordings from being purged after the standard retention window expires.


“I used to have to get up at 3:30 a.m. so that I could be in line at 5 a.m. which usually meant I would be able to get a 9 a.m. visit. Now that I can visit from home, I can actually work. It’s even better for some of the girls I used to stand in line with who want to still visit at the jail instead of home. They can now preschedule a 9 a.m. visit and not have to stand in line for hours hoping they get the time they want.” - Genesee County, MI

“Being able to schedule around my schedule is important.” - Marion County, FL

“We get 35 minutes to visit (longer than an onsite visit) and grandma, my son and aunts can also say ‘hi’ when they’re at the house.”- Lexington, SC

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Family & Friends


  • Provides a safe and secure method for visitation
  • Provides ability to have more visits at times that are more convenient
  • Minimizes contraband coming into a facility
  • Avoids family members being searched and waiting in stressful lobby situations
  • Allows inmates to interact with family members in home situations
  • Allows more family members to be involved in visits—much better alternative for children
  • Minimizes the dangerous and costly movement of inmates within a facility
  • Can be less expensive when considering full cost of in-person visits



The Program

In an effort to support the Corrections Industry, Securus Technologies has launched the nationwide Correctional Officer Memorial Fund. This fund will provide financial assistance to grieving families of non-administrative correctional officers who have fallen in the line of duty at any of our customer facilities. 

Securus will provide financial support to the families of fallen officers by paying one year's salary for the sacrifice they made protecting us and our communities. In no way can this assistance ever replace the loved ones lost, rather the desire is to offer a token of gratitude, honoring the sacrifice made and lessen the financial burden placed upon the families.


Securus needs your support to communicate the availability of this program to all existing Securus customers. It is important that all Sheriffs, Jail Administrators and Department of Corrections officials are aware these funds exist in the tragic event they are needed.

Periodically you may see emails, letters and promotional items displaying the Correctional Officer Memorial Fund logo in order to continue Securus' awareness campaign. All of Securus' customers/agencies are ‘opted-in' to receive this benefit. No further action is required.


This fund is supported wholly by Securus Technologies, who will make these funds available as needed. We ask that all requests will be made by the Sheriff, Jail Administrator or Department of Corrections officials.  Please see a Securus Account Manager for additional questions or details.



Every year since 2008, Securus Associates have stepped up and opened their hearts and pocketbooks to those in our communities in need of healthcare, education and the basics of life. The company has achieved a number of record United Way contribution levels including:

  • Highest level of annual Securus Associates contributions
  • Greatest number of Leadership Givers
  • Greatest percent increase above annual goal
  • Greatest number of Associates giving

Securus Associates contributed more than $437,487 in 2017 to the make the company’s total nine-year commitment more than $1.7 million. Contributions will ultimately make lives and communities better, things that Securus Associates value greatly.





Securus contributes thousands of dollars each year to dozens of local, state and regional officer organizations and associations. These funds help our officer partners on the streets and in the corrections facilities support their many important efforts in making their communities safer. In addition, Securus support dozens of community organizations and charities focused on community health, education and general betterment.



Securus Leadership and Associates give back to their communities through various volunteer activities.

During one recent event in August 2016, more than one hundred Associates from across the Company joined forces to pack meals at the Dallas Packs Hope Mobile Pack Event for the Feed My Starving Children organization. With the help of Securus and other volunteers across north Texas working in two-hour shifts, the event packed more than one million meals to feed the hungry during the three-day event.

Working in teams, associates combined vitamins, vegetables, soy and rice into sealed packages that were delivered to more than 70 countries worldwide. Securus Associates understand that volunteering can save lives and communities just like our technology can save lives in the corrections industry.