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For more than 25 years, corrections industry constituents - facilities, inmates, and the family and friends of inmates - have relied on Securus Technologies and its predecessor organizations for communication solutions designed to fulfill their specialized needs.  In recent years, Securus has strategically executed a revolutionary growth plan by acquiring organizations offering complimentary products and services beyond communications, fortifying Securus' position in the industry as the leading provider of full-spectrum Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions.  

We will continue to build our story by connecting what matters to our partners and customers.  Please explore our timeline.


January 29th, Securus launched the industry's most comprehensive set of inmate services with the ConnectUs operating system, the first inmate-facing operating system of its kind on the market, which automates critical operations for corrections agencies while delivering unlimited applications to inmates

January 14th, Securus acquired CellBlox, a leading provider of Managed Access Systems (MAS) that limit the use of contraband wireless units in prisons and jails


November 21st, Securus acquired exclusive rights to Jobview's 2nd Chance™ application where Securus will distribute their application throughout the corrections industry to help reduce recidivism

November 11th, Securus entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Vanu, Inc. where Securus will provide managed wireless access systems that will limit the use of contraband wireless units in prisons and jails in the United States

November 6th, Securus installed the largest corrections video visitation project in the United States for Maricopa County, Arizona, with construction of a 600 Video Visitation Terminal Project allowing inmates to receive worldwide video calls

August 1st, Securus purchased selected assets from General Security Services Corporation (“GSSC”) adding additional services to its industry-leading GPS offender monitoring business and expanding base of customers for STOP

June 11th, Securus acquired JLG Technologies and affiliated companies, the leading supplier of continuous voice biometric analysis and investigative tools to the corrections and law enforcement sectors

March 3rd, Securus acquired Telerus, the leading provider of sophisticated automated interactive voice response systems to the corrections sector throughout the United States


December 20th, Securus acquired Satellite Tracking of People (STOP), LLC., the leading provider of active global positioning systems (GPS) based offender monitoring devices in the United States

November 18th, Securus acquired Archonix Systems, LLC, the leading provider of jail management systems, emergency dispatch, court monitoring, and business intelligence systems for the corrections, law enforcement, government services, and emergency management sectors

June 10th, Securus launched newly redesigned Website and account management portal, Securus Online, transforming the family and friend customer experience by providing a new, mobile-enabled Web experience that unifies all Securus communication services under one account

April 30th, Abry Partners acquired Securus Technologies from Castle Harlan


July 3rd, Securus acquired DirectHit Systems, Inc., a provider of sophisticated investigative, data analysis tools for law enforcement and corrections clients (THREADS™ Product)

March 19th, Securus acquired Primonics, Inc., a leading provider of video visitation services to the corrections industry


May 31st, Castle Harlan acquired Securus Technologies from H.I.G. Capital

January 6th, Securus completed transformation of its sophisticated customer service call center to a 225 set in-sourced operation providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, in order to support the largest and best-equipped call center in the industry


September 9th, H.I.G. Capital acquired all outstanding Evercom stock. The merger of the two correctional industry giants—T-Netix, Inc. and Evercom Systems, Inc.—formed the company, Securus Technologies, Inc.

March 5th, H.I.G. Capital, a Miami-based private equity firm with more than $1 billion of equity capital under management, purchased the outstanding shares of T-Netix, Inc. common stock.


Evercom Systems, Inc., formerly Talton Holdings, was incorporated. Over the next several years, Evercom grew through acquisition. The company acquired several inmate telephone service providers across the United States with a strategy built on becoming the leading correctional industry telecom provider to facilities nationwide


T-Netix, Inc. acquired eight affiliated companies in the inmate phone business and the assets of two other companies


Tele-Matic merged with Star Ventures, Inc.


T-Netix, Inc. began under the name Tele-Matic Corporation, which was incorporated in 1986