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  • The Securus telephone system was instrumental in us apprehending the bank robbery suspect. The Securus telephone system is a vital investigative tool that we use frequently. The support staff from Securus Technologies has also been very helpful anytime a question arises.

    Sheriff's Office, New Jersey
  • Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus system, not only for the Sheriff's Office, but also for the local law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney Offices as well. They have also been a great asset in jail disciplinary cases.

    Detention Center, Texas
  • Our detectives have used Securus technology to solve crimes that otherwise may have gone unsolved, including major felonies such as drug crimes, robberies and even murders.

    County Sheriff, North Carolina
  • We feel that Securus Technologies' patented 3-way call detection technology and the anywhere, anytime access to the SCP is unmatched.

    County Sheriff's Office, Nevada
  • Over time our needs have changed and Securus has always remained a committed partner to the city.

    Sheriff's Office, Virginia
  • I am a firm believer in customer service and Securus seems to pride itself in providing great customer service. In this day and age of ever-changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for inmates, inmates's families, and most of all, Sheriff Department's personnel.

    County Sheriff's Office, Illinois
  • The transition is now complete and it was virtually flawless. With the short turn around time for implementation of the project, it was done with almost no complaints from inmates and their families.

    County Sheriff's Office, Texas
  • Securus, was able to meet the aggressive timeline challenge of switching services from the previous provider, and installing telephone service in just 30 days.

    County Sheriff's Department, California
  • Through their years of service they have shown to be reliable with good service and cutting edge technology.

    County Sheriff's Office, Texas
  • Their advanced technology, reliable service and support, as well their financial offerings have over the years been our reason[s] for continuing this long standing business relationship.

    County Detention Center, Kentucky
  • In short, I would like to recommend the Securus organization and their employees for any facility that is in need of a hard working, dedicated, and professional team with a great product.

    County Facility, Florida
  • I would like to take the opportunity to express my satisfaction with the inmate phone and monitoring system we obtained from you. It has been a very easy system to operate, especially since it could be configured to work with our current inmate commissary program. Furthermore, the monitoring system has been instrumental in assisting us to solve or otherwise satisfactorily conclude several criminal investigations.

    County Sheriff's Office, Washington
  • Our facility has become one of the FBI Terrorism Task Force regular sources of information. We have monitored and burn thousands of minutes of copies of phone calls of inmates connected to Al-Quida that has resulted in the identification of terrorism cells in the New York area. I just wanted you to know that our entire country has benefited from the inmate phone monitoring service we have. I am glad we made the change and it has enhanced our security at our facility.

    Detention Center, Washington
  • AIS has drastically reduced the need for staff to handle calls from the public. The automated system has streamlined inmate information access which has had a direct effect on our operational efficiency.

    Correctional Facility, Colorado
  • Not only does Securus provide an account manager that is dependable but also a very dependable field agent who makes us feel like we are a top priority if we should need service equipment at our jail.

    County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee
  • We are very happy to have AIS...can you imagine having to answer all those calls all day long? AIS has absolutely improved job satisfaction and made it so much easier to keep everything straight and more effectively do our jobs.

    Customer, North Carolina
  • Our receptionist used to be chained to her desk just answering phone calls. Now, she can actually focus on other tasks.

    County Correctional Facility, Nebraska
  • Before AIS, working at the booking desk was just terrible. The phones never stopped ringing and it was really hard for callers to get through.

    Customer, Georgia
  • If we had not had AIS, we most certainly would have has to request additional staff to answer phone calls. AIS also helped reduce booking errors and citizen complaints.

    County Correctional Facility, Indiana
  • How do we like AIS? We barely answer the phone anymore –there's your answer.

    County Detention Facility, Wyoming