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Richard A. Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer

May 29, 2012

Securus Integrity Pledge

Our Pledge to Our Customers — Inmates, Friends, Family, and the Corrections Community:

  1. We will be open and honest in our dealings;
  2. We will provide the best level of customer service possible with a domestic call center located in Dallas - with Associates that we hire and train;
  3. The Field Technicians that visit your facilities are Securus Associates, hired by us/trained by us where contracts allow - in almost all cases, we use Securus Associates for this important work;
  4. We will always be truthful in what we can do and what we can't do in responses to your questions and requests;
  5. We will be responsive to your needs;
  6. We will provide the most technologically advanced audio and video communications platform to allow calls with a high level of security;
  7. We will only charge cost based rates and will run Securus in an efficient way in order to provide the lowest cost structure in the industry;
  8. We will not pay or offer to pay unauthorized or illegal payments in order to win your business;
  9. We understand that confidentiality of calls is critical, and we will follow all Federal, State, and Local laws in the conduct of our business;
  10. We will provide and invest in security features that will make all parties and the public safe while maintaining the critical family connection to inmates;
  11. We will show you respect, dignity, and integrity in all of our dealings.

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Richard A. Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer


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